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Access Neocase HR at no cost for 90 days.

During the past weeks, our clients have told us how each HR representative is receiving from
500-700 new emails per day from employees, related to COVID-19, and changes in work arrangements.

Unsustainable Workloads for HR

We understand that volume is causing extreme working conditions for HR, and is not sustainable.

"Digital HR Service Tools are a Necessity."

Resmed quote Covid-19

And they’ve told us how having digital HR service delivery tools have become a necessity for both HR, and their employee customers during these extreme times.

That’s why we’ve decided to provide these tools at no cost to any organization with 1,000 or more employees, that can benefit most from improved connectivity and efficiency.

Our commitment to you
  • Free access to the (Neocase HR Ready) HR service platform for a minimum of 90 days*

    • No commitment required for you to use the solution after the 90 day period
  • The platform is pre-configured to be up and running in under 5 days, to minimize your resource requirements.
    • Special COVID-19 configurations to manage and track COVID inquiries

    • Pre-published and pre-configured knowledge base content to answer COVID -related inquiries through self-service
Next Steps
    1. Watch this video for an overview of the HR Ready COVID solution.

    2. Complete the form on this page, to receive a call from an HR Ready specialist.

We’re all in this together, and we can get through it together.

* After 90 days, we will reassess the need.